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Mapping African Cuisines: Q&A with Tuleka Prah

Roads & Kingdoms

“Quality content about African food is lacking. Filmmaker Tuleka Prah is changing that, one recipe at a time”

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Maputo’s no maybe, it’s a must-see

Big Stock Photos: Swisshippo

Daily Maverick

“If you haven’t yet been to Maputo, Mozambique’s capital, here’s why you should give it serious thought”

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All aboard


“Morocco gets Africa’s first high-speed train”

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Another Narrative

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Quartz Africa

“Africa’s cities are no longer just stopovers on the way to a safari”

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Taitu Hotel, Addis Ababa


South China Morning Post

“Ethiopia’s oldest hotel, made famous by Evelyn Waugh, offers cheap and cheerful taste of Addis Ababa”

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The Kenyan Cool Girl’s Guide to Nairobi



A fashionable woman’s take on what to see and do in Nairobi.

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19 Things to know before you go to Accra


Roads & Kingdoms

Accra is sometimes referred to as ‘easy Africa’ with economic stability and a comfortable lifestyle for expatriates. Here are the 19 things you need to know before you visit, according to Roads & Kingdoms.

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Mark Kamau



Mark Kamau is a product designer helping to transform the tech landscape in Africa. He works for the Nairobi tech start-up BRCK, which has created a rugged “Africa-proof” digital classroom kit for schools.

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A Black Panther guide to Algiers

Black Panther News Service, 1969

Roads & Kingdoms

In the early 1970s Algiers played host to the political activist Eldridge Cleaver and several other members of the Black Panther party. Roads & Kingdoms explores the lives they led and examines their favourite haunts in Algiers then and now.

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Cairo city guide: How to spend a weekend in Egypt’s big, bold capital

The Independent

The Independent newspaper takes a closer look at the attractions of this historic city.

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